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Investment Strategy  |  Investment Criteria

Sigma Capital Partners seeks to create capital appreciation by purchasing privately negotiated influential positions in undervalued, orphaned Micro-Cap companies operating in the Information Technology, Telecommunications, other Technology-driven and business services industry segments. Sigma invests in developed businesses characterized by meaningful revenue streams, established customer bases, sustainable differentiation, ability to generate positive cash flows, proven strategies and a viable competitive position.

We define "Micro-Cap" as those public or private companies having annual revenue run rates exceeding $10 million and market capitalizations of less than $250 million.

Sigma is focused on helping companies unlock and create shareholder value. As such, we work closely with management to provide direction and assistance in the areas of finance, capital markets, operations, strategy, business development and corporate governance.

The Fund's investments are facilitated through privately negotiated equity and/or debt transactions relating to: restructurings, recapitalizations, growth equity financings, management buyouts, off balance sheet financings and mergers & acquisitions in companies within the investment criteria.

Sigma's investment strategy is based upon experience drawn from: (i) management's prior track record; (ii) the inefficiencies inherent in the Micro-Cap segment; (iii) an experienced investment team well versed in operations, private equity, restructuring, capital markets and growth oriented investing; (iv) a large pool of captive investment prospects in need of capital; (v) Sigma's disciplined investment process and focus on systematically limiting risk and maximizing exit opportunities; and (vi) the skills and experience of our network of professionals, partners and advisors.


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