Partnership for Success

Sigma Capital Partners, through its affiliate private equity fund –  Sigma Opportunity Fund II, LLC  – provides growth and restructuring capital for both Micro-Cap public and private companies.  Companies can rely on Sigma to provide:

  • Quick and reliable access to capital
  • Tailored funding solutions
  • Pro-active, value-add, partnership approach

Our differentiated strategy is based on the ability to effectively deploy capital directly onto the balance sheets of select smaller companies. The Fund was created to capitalize on the large market inefficiencies inherent in the Micro-Cap segment. As such, we lead privately negotiated investments in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Technology-driven, Healthcare, and Business Services companies.

We are a leader in one of the most underserved areas of the financial markets: providing institutional, hands-on, strategic assistance and capital to undervalued, orphaned Micro-Cap public and private companies. Our goal is to become a beacon for these companies, providing a strategic partnership that is typically only available to early stage private companies or entities with much higher levels of liquidity and valuation.

The best way to get to know Sigma Capital Partners is to talk with us. Our experience and proven track record have given us the confidence, knowledge and capabilities required to successfully navigate the Micro Cap market, leverage our understanding of its unique characteristics and create value for our investors and portfolio companies. We emphasize a partnership approach and look forward to hearing from you.

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